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At our Life water plant, we tenaciously follow the most strict quality control methods that begin from procuring the best raw materials, ensuring they are carefully inspected and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, adhering to the most stringent water purification and mineral injection process, to finally delivering it to the doorstep of our loyal customers.

We receive the raw water from a source approved by the Al Ain Municipality. The raw water is received in closed system networks which are protected thereby preventing any contamination, thus assuring pure and safe drinking water. The raw water is filtered to remove any particles and microorganisms. Our main motto is to provide the purest and safest drinking water. We achieve this by following our 20-step stringent water quality processing:

  • 5-micron bag filtration
  • Sanitizer dosing systems
  • Raw water storage in insulated tanks
  • Multi-media filtration
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis process for fine filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis permeate storage tanks
  • Re-Mineralization
  • 1-micron absolute filtration
  • Mineralized water storage tanks
  • 0.2-micron final filtration
  • Ultra-Violet sterilization
  • Ozone disinfection
  • 5-gallon returnable bottles, pre-inspection-1, de-capping, pre-inspection-2, external washer with detergent
  • World class 26-station 5-gallon bottle washer comprising of high pressure water rinser, hot detergent washer, sanitizer washer, pre-ozonized water rinser, final ozonized water rinser, filling cap rinser & cap sterilizer
  • Date coding
  • Sleeve application
  • Final Inspection
  • Raw materials and packaging control
  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) hygiene process

Our drinking water filtration plant uses advanced filtration processes to remove possible contaminants. We also deploy the effective UV sterilization technique to kill harmful microorganisms; an environmental friendly method to sterilize water without using chemicals. In this way we make sure that 99.9% of microorganisms are killed thereby ensuring purity of the water.


Another important element of our purification method is the ozone sterilization technique; done by utilizing the disinfectant nature of ozone to sterilize water. This aids in oxidation of unwanted organic substances including humid substances and other compounds which affect the colour of the water, strong smelling & strong tasting components, chloramines, cyclic hydrocarbons, chlorine compounds and trihalomethane (THMs). We also achieve oxidation of unwanted inorganic substances like iron, manganese, arsenic, nitrites and sulphides, including fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses.